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About International Insurance Group


A leader in bespoke services in the life insurance industry, International Insurance Group’s mission is to leverage its vast experience and knowledge to provide the best-suited life insurance products and structure for elite clients.

As insurance advisors to clients and direct intermediary to insurance companies, we negotiate and design bespoke products specifically tailored for our clients’ situations, no middleman needed. 

With a footprint in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, our seasoned and insightful insurance professionals stand out thanks to their commitment to performance and results as well as an industry-leading offering that includes the Permanent Life and Zero CostTM tailored solutions.


Managing Partners

André Azzi is an accomplished financial security advisor with 20 years’ experience.  He services specific clients across Canada and abroad.  His stellar track record is showcased through national awards as well as earning the respect and recognition by his peers and other accomplished professionals across Canada.

Together with his trusted, analytical and experienced team, André develops solid relationships with his clients along with their financials advisors, to align, meet and surpass the highest standards of excellence and expectations.

He started his financial career in 1998 with industry pioneers, Robert A.  Faust and George Lengvari.  He later joined MSA Financial in 2001 and in 2003 he launched André Azzi Financial Services.  In 2005 he became a partner at MSA Financial.

Founding partner

Founding partner

Elie El Khoury is an operationally experienced and results-orientated insurance executive, with two and a half decades of business establishment and turnaround experience in the demanding multicultural Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).  A recognized industry leader, Board Member, Chief Executive Officer and sought-after advisor able to deliver profitability, restructuring, leading joint ventures, and corporate value creation.   

Elie started his insurance career as early as 1994 and was quickly recognized as a trailblazer amongst his peers in the industry. Was assigned to lead joint ventures to establish and set up insurance companies in different jurisdictions like; Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.  His experience extends to most aspects in the insurance industry from broking to insurance companies, Health maintenance organizations HMOs, Third party administrators TPAs all the way to insurance agencies.  He also led negotiations with international brokers and reinsurers in the London Market and other European countries, that resulted in the creation of regional alliances.  

The roles and responsibilities held throughout his career include his position as a chief executive officer and a board member of multinational companies spread through out the MENA region.  Lately he has been engaged in; advising the founding partners of a Middle Eastern Real estate trust fund in the UAE with strategic planning, Insurance Products & Business development for the C-executives of the biggest Telecom company operating in the MENA region, as well creating revenue streams and customer experience for a new Insurtech startup in the UK.

Carlo Boutagy has been at the forefront of developing motorsport experiences and other high value properties away from the racetrack for more than a decade.


In 2008, Carlo founded F1 FanZone, establishing the brand and developing integrated marketing campaigns to promote the world’s largest, most diverse and exciting outdoor experience for F1 fans.  Canadian-born and Bahraini, Carlo came up with this concept while studying economics at Montreal’s Concordia University.  He wanted to bring fans closer to the sport and have a taste of what it’s like to be part of the F1 Grid.  Carlo expanded into other major sports such as International Tennis and became the exclusive promoter of The FIA Formula E World Championship in the Middle East. In December 2018 Carlo’s unprecedented efforts made history in identifying the opportunity to reach new market segments by organising the first ever E-Prix in Saudi Arabia.  Alongside his invaluable team, Carlo crafted strategies which lead to this watershed event that opened the Kingdom’s doors to international tourists and staged the country’s first international concert. 


He now uses the same set of skills to lead IIG’s marketing activities to establish and further grow their international presence.


Founding partner

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